Vanessa Baran
Production Designer
Vanessa Baran has been a set stylist and production designer for almost a decade now, and her talent continues to be in well demand by huge companies and tested brands like Calvin Klein Jeans, Kodak, Sony, and PepsiCo, to mention only a few. And to further affirm Vanessa's obvious incredible eye for design, she has also spent a considerable amount of time as an associate editor at Vogue magazine. In 1993, Vanessa co-produced a feature film, "The Lost Words," and she is currently a programmer for the Exground Film Festival. Vanessa is happy to bring her gift for design together with her passion for film to the set of "The Secret Friend." When she's not busy with her various professional pursuits, Vanessa enjoys her quintessential three T's: Tab, Teaberry gum, and tennis.