Jack Woodbridge
Jack Woodbridge is currently in the studio working on his new CD “Jack of Hearts.” Set for release in 2010, the regrouping of Woodbridge and Dean Balin (Grammy Award winning guitarist and uber-producer (Rupert Holmes’ Pina Colada (Escape) and multi-platinum “Partners In Crime”) is sure to secure national attention. “Hearts” features guest appearances by Rob Popparzzi, Sweet Sue Terry, Monique Paulwell and Marrianne Meringola.

Woodbridge and Balin first partnered in 2006 with “Picture This” a collection of jazz-pop and blues recorded at Balin’s NYC Four Cats studio. "Our Love Is Beautiful" received enthusiastic attention,including radio airplay and was featured on the Oasis Records "Best Of Jazz Sampler".

A prolific composer, Woodbridge has written hundreds of songs. His work includes two off-Broadway scores (The Tale of Tyler T, Vampire Blues) and a rock opera (The Great Northeast) for WVIA-FM (National Public Radio). Jack’s music has been featured in numerous venues including plays by William Fowkes; television(CNN), film scores and special events including the NYC Marathon and New York Dance Alliance.

His music has been recorded by Babs Winn and the Kicking Boogie Band; Laurie Naughton and Cabaret Queen- Sharon McNight. McNight has featured Woodbridge’s songs in her hugely popular shows and is currently touring the music from her CD “Songs to Offend Almost Everybody”. Donna McKechnie, Sally Mayes, Teri White and Gentry Clausen have also sung his songs.