João Silvério Trevisan
Author of The Secret Friend
João Silvério Trevisan is a dynamic and prolific Brazilian author, film director, screenwriter, translator, journalist, and literary workshop coordinator. In his much-diversified oeuvres, he has published twelve books, among them great works of fiction, essays, romance novels, and short stories.

Trevisan's best-known literary work, Two Bodies in Vertigo is part of the anthology The 100 Best Brazilian Story Tales of the Twentieth Century. His works have been translated in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. He has been honored three times with Brazil's Jabuti Award –the country's most prestigious and well-known literary award– and twice with the Association of Art Critics of São Paulo (APCA) Award, as well as several other awards and honors spanning his career in theater and cinema.

Many of Trevisan's theatre pieces have received numerous awards and accolades, and have been hailed in cities throughout Brazil. As a journalist, he has served as a contributor to various national and international newspapers and magazines. In 1969, he wrote and directed the short film Challenge, and in 1970, the comedic long feature Orgy or the Man Who Gave Birth. Trevisan has lived in the United States, México, and Germany. He currently resides in São Paulo, Brazil.
Photo by Silvio Pozatto