João Brandão Júnior
João has been working with outstanding visual artists, filmmakers and art-producers who have inspired him to keep his life in constant productive movement.

With years of experience at fundraising, grant seeking, drawings projects, implementing art projects addressed to children living in high-risk areas, women of color, youth development, visual research for documentaries, this professional has honed his skills.

Awarded several times as a Human Rights activist, João holds a Master in Philosophy, and has a background in International Relations, Law and History. Since 2007 Joao has been dedicating his time to researching different art projects taking place all over the world and trying to connect them in order to reach a major accomplishment when it comes to social development.

During the last two years, he has worked on three documentaries, four art exhibits and five projects promoted by nonprofit organizations in NYC and statewide, which have promoted Human Rights.

Photo by Marc Briatack