Director - Flavio Alves
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Producer - Nick Eisenberg
Cinematographer - Adam McDaid
Run Time - 15 min. Approx.
Language - English
Format - 35mm
Year - 2010
Genre - Drama
The Secret Friend centers around the character and life of Anna Marshall (Viola Harris), a lonely, elderly widow living in a suburb of New York City.

With his interest and dedication to exploring the lives of the elderly, writer and director Flavio Alves has chosen to focus his work on the experiences of and stereotypes surrounding this marginalized and overlooked segment of the American population.

The Secret Friend, which stars Viola Harris and Siobhan Fallon, is Alves' third venture into this territory and he does so by examining the life of a lonely, elderly widow Anna Marshall. In addition, the film also explores concepts such as ageism and social isolation and their effects on the individual psyche.

Despite its focus on serious issues, The Secret Friend ends on a positive note and delivers upon a set of important and meaningful ideas that are universally accessible.

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