Matthew Siegelbaum
Still Photographer
Matthew J. Siegelbaum, a native New Yorker, born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island. A graduate from St. Joseph's College with a degree in Education and Minor in Art, but will be forever a student. He grew up with a camera in his hand, grabbing shots of anything and anyone that caught his eye. He started honing his craft by shooting accident scenes, public gatherings, and "in the moment events". Through word of mouth he began photographing family parties, portraits, weddings and special occasions. Candid photos became his calling card and things took off from there. Photography has always allowed him to explore his creative side, seeking out details that others overlook. He prefers on location shoots and take a photo journalistic approach to capture the life and energy of the people and environments. When a photo can "speak for itself, and tell its own story", he says, "I know I've succeeded in revealing the spirit of my subjects."
Photo by Matthew Siegelbaum